We support our clients in a wide
array of complex growth
or innovation challenges that require

Complex qualitative and quantitative research

Advanced analytics and modelling

Structuring, strategic thinking and business case development

Compelling and actionable storytelling

Experienced implementation management and support


Finding adjacent product lines in the ICU for a global medical devices company
Research Insights Business Case Storytelling Healthcare Growth
Finding the right business model for a disruptive nano-technology company.
Start-up Deep-Tech Nanotechnology Business Plan Research Insights Forecasting Storytelling
Merging two pharma companies to create a regional leader
Merger Integration Synergies Pharma Analysis Modelling
Finding the new ingredient for a global leading beverage company
Innovation Beverages Research Structuring Storytelling Scouting Insights
Crafting a corporate VC for a public leading medical devices company and scouting targets.
Venture Capital Start-ups Investment Growth Innovation
Strategic due diligence and takeover plan of a flavours company for a PE firm in Latam
Flavours Food & Beverages Innovation Growth Acquisitions
Redefinition of OTC portfolio in 3 key European countries.
Research Insights Forecasting Storytelling Business Case Workshop Facilitation Multi-Country
Deciding to launch a high-cost drug biosimilar
High-price drugs Biosimilars Launch Forecasting Research Interviews

Gustavo Pesquin

CEO Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc.

“I had extremely positive experiences working with TheMindCo. I have hired them a number of times for very diverse strategic projects such as growth strategies, capability building, and benchmarking among others. TheMindCo provides very high quality work, comparable to top consulting firms.The firm operates with a high sense of collegiality and teamwork with the company teams.”

Richard Nevares

General Manager Grünenthal Chile

“TheMindCo has proven an outstanding strategic business partner during my experience in the Pharma industry working within global emerging markets. They supported me in developing innovative solutions to traditional paradigms and together we generated growth initiatives: TheMindCo’s methodologies were key to crystallize our strategy while making it perfectly actionable. I worked with many consultants, but few of them leave an added-value footprint like them.”

Amin M’Barki

Co-Founder & CEO at Hummink

“I worked with TheMindCo to identify the market opportunities and business model for our young startup company. At first, they were all very good at quickly understanding the technical subtleties of our technology, even though it is far from their scientific background. The team was extremely responsive, understanding, and agile in all our interactions. I appreciated to work with a team that has a strong sense of what we need as clients, but also brings that little extra on the table that makes the difference.”

Christophe Bureau

Chief of More Disruption Please

“I have been working with TheMindCo in various industries: pharma, automotive, semi-conductor. My requests have always been unusual: how to demonstrate and quantify a value proposition that is not existing yet. It requires ambidextrous skills between strategy and tactics, and TheMindCo is very strong at that. They dig into any case, from pure service to leading edge technologies, and establish how the presumed value proposition should be probed. You get actionable insights from their work. They have big profiles in their Teams, with very good human contact. From all the works we did together, 3 products/services are today on the market”

Sebastian Popik

Managing Partner, Aqua Capital

“As a private equity firm, we have been TheMindCo’s clients for the past decade with excellent results. They have been engaged in sector strategies, business due diligence and post-acquisition strategy analysis in a number of situations, producing strong results in every interaction. They are pragmatic and client-driven.”

Evandro Calanca

CEO and Investor

“TheMindCo is a unique Latin America consultant boutique that I have been partnering with for about 10 years. They always surpass expectations delivering great projects with an excellent cost effectiveness and huge impact to their customers.
Their engagements are very straight forward focusing on problem solving and high impact recommendations driven by “Real Execution” approach, on top of extraordinary intellectual capabilities and high frame standards.
Highly recommended for PE firms, Small/Mid-Caps, also I would recommend for business planning that requires high investment decisions within the region.”